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    Certificate for welding for railway wehicles components according to 15085-2

    Turkish Railway Industry : 3,500 km of high speed lines by 2023 - Combined of CNC Laser, NC Bending The Rail Liberalisation Legislation involves general terms and taxation of open access to rail network, procedure for usage of capacity, content of contracts between infrastructure operator(s) and train operators as well as how restrictions/construction works should be managed. With this legislation, access to rail network is now completely free..
    Turkey will set its standards higher towards meeting the objectives for the 2023 anniverssary of the Turkish Republic. According to the rail transport sector strategy in Turkey, USD 45 billion (EUR 40 billion) of the USD 350 billion (EUR 309.6 billion), investment that is scheduled to be assigned to the transport sector, is planned to be allocated to the railways. Of the total 13,000 kilometers of railways to be constructed until 2023, 3,500 kilometers will be of high-speed, 8,500 kilometers will be of rapid transit and 1,000 kilometers will be of conventional railways. Turkey acknowledges railways as a preferred mode of transport for freight and is trying to identify ways to increase its share. Turkey also plans to carry freight and passengers from hubs around the country via high speed train networks that will be connected to international railway networks. Moreover, at the end of 2018, Turkey expects to have 10,556 km of conventional line, and by 2023 all conventional lines will amount to 12,770 kilometres. Over the next three years, Turkish Railways (TCDD) plans to invest over TL 20 billion (EUR 8.4 billion) in transport-related projects. “Turkey, through its ambitious projects and achievements in the rail sector, is an optimal place to demonstrate to an international audience of decision-makers, how the development of a modern and effective rail transport system can strongly contribute to economic growth and social development. Let us just mention the fast development of the Turkish high speed network, of modern freight and intermodal services, the projects of intercontinental corridors connected to the Silk Roads”, Jean-Pierre Loubinoux commented on the developments and investment in railways in Turkey as the backbone of the mobility system of the future. Turkish Railways (TCDD) announced the finalisation of a suvery for the proposed Gölbaşı-Adıyaman-Kahta new high speed line. TCDD also said that interested bidders were waiting for the survey. When the line is completed, unlike other high-speed train lines, it will be used both for passenger and freight transport. The General Directorate of TCDD made preparations for the Gölbaşı-Adıyaman-Kahta high-speed train line. The feasibility study will be done after the result of the survey. The length of the railway line is 100 kilometers and will have both passenger and freight trains will run on conventional speed.

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